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Logos Capital has signed the Green Bond pledge to finance major projects with climate resilience

Miami, Nov 14, 2019 (  - Logos Capital, a global impact investment firm, announced today that it has signed the Green Bond pledge as a testament to their commitment to creating a more sustainable world via “green” finance. In partnership with leading investment firms across Latin America, U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, Logos Capital will be working on the placement $200M Green Bond issuance program focused on financing renewable energy projects in Latin America.“Logos Capital is pleased to join the international community in making this Green Bond Pledge,” said Silvio F. Pupo, Founder and CEO of Logos Capital.

“Green bonds are attracting investors looking, and in many cases, mandated, to finance renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon emissions in line with the United Nations SDG’s [Sustainable Development Goals] and Paris Climate Accord. We see demand for these investments is high and a shortage in supply. We hope to make this the first of many as we catalyze Green, Blue, and Social Impact Bonds.”

The Green Bond Pledge is a declaration that all bonds that finance long-term infrastructure and capital projects need to address environmental impact and climate risk while signaling that these imperatives have been deliberately incorporated into the planning and deployment of infrastructure projects.Issuance of green bonds has risen more than 70% this year to about $208 billion, according to Bloomberg. Total sales of all such notes issued stand at more than $870 billion, according to data compiled by BNEF. Although the market for green corporate bonds has undergone a boom in the past five years, this is still just a fraction of the size of the total bond market.

About Logos Capital

Logos Capital catalyzes and accelerates impactful enterprises via global business development, mergers & acquisitions, investment and a joint venture in public and private sectors. Primarily focused on impact investing in the U.S., Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean, Logos Capital is based in Miami, FL and comprised of personnel from around the world.

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